Interview with C. T. Vivian


C. T. Vivian:

And he just said, he said uh, you know, "Arrest that man. Arrest that man. Arrest that man." I mean he just blew, see, and see—we're getting at the core you know, that's different than the normal concepts—I mean this guy is really, you know, in many ways, caught in a kind of bind, you know? I mean: how do you tell your children to be decent where obviously they see your indecency, you know? How do you cover what you're doing and how do you make them understand, hm? You know, just like these mothers trying to make this kid understand, and how do you make your kids understand? They see you on TV, they see you, you know, they know what you've done, you got badges on. Not only that, the same kind of stuff that makes you look bad in front of that TV set is making you look bad in your normal behavior at home anyway, you know what I mean? You know what I mean? I mean, you know, you can't separate the two. You're being corroded and destroyed all the time anyway, and that happens to white people as well. [unintelligible background conversation] Pardon me, that wasn't part of your. . .