Interview with C. T. Vivian


C. T. Vivian:

Uh, the uh, uh, the SCLC group, the six ministers, with Jim Lawson. Jim Lawson had come in from FOR, Fellowship Organization for Reconciliation, uh, was on their staff, regional director, came in and started working with us. The reason he came in, because of us, and because it was a college town, he saw that very clearly. And all of us began to recruit students, so uh, I had a, a very close relationship to [the] American Baptist Theological Seminary because I had been a student there and I was an editor of the publishing house at the National Baptist Convention Publishing House, so I was recruiting students at the, at the seminary. Uh, uh, uh, Jim was recruiting students at Fisk where he had a very close uh, thing. Uh, Kelly Miller Smith, because of his ministerial thing, was working through doctors and other people in the city and working on places like Meharry [Medical College] and et cetera. Uh, uh, Tennessee and I, probably all of us were working on it, but a person like Bernard Lafayette was indispensable int that. Uh, uh…