Interview with C. T. Vivian

[unintelligible] THE FIRST WEEK?

C. T. Vivian:

O.K., oh, we've had the first week, all right, and, and uh, then uh, then as, as it exploded and they put people in jail, that's when things really moved, right? Because people came forward to uh, put up their houses as bail uh, a mass meeting started on a large scale, people flooded and filled uh, the churches, whatever church we would be in, largely First Baptist but any number of the others of those six ministers that were originally in things, uh, uh, and the movement was in full swing. Uh, the city made all the mistakes that people normally make uh, in a nonviolent movement uh, uh, they uh, uh, arrested Jim Lawson and didn't really have a reason for it uh, and uh, as Jim, as they were taking Jim out uh, uh, with his arm behind his back uh, the sign at First Baptist said uh, uh, "Forgive them, Father." And they'd taken Jim out of a workshop that afternoon, the board said: "Forgive them Father." Uh, the news uh, was carrying the message very, very clearly in terms of the pictures. Uh, uh, they, they arrested our young people for demonstrating and then had them out in the snow shoveling, and the day they went in [to jail] they did not have coats on cause it was not cold enough. Uh, the next day or two when they had them out shoveling snow, they were without coats and uh the- and the city was angry. Uh, uh, all of that fed into a movement, all the mistakes that were made. Uh, uh …