Interview with C. T. Vivian


C. T. Vivian:

Yes, those were the kinds of questions asked. He looked out across that expanse of four thousand people that had covered the street in front of the plaza, as well as the plaza. He looks in the other direction and people in fact were still coming on the plaza, and we did not know that at the time, all right? Uh, and uh, and he said: "No, no. I'm not for it." All right? "I do not think that racism and segregation is right," or one or the other. "I do not think racism is right," I think is what he said. And uh, uh, and uh, we then asked him the question: would he work to end it? You know, uh, or words to the same effect. And uh, uh, he said yes, that he would bri- and he did. And one…