Interview with C. T. Vivian


C. T. Vivian:

Yes, that's it, cause that's all you need from that, you don't need that, but, but was a minister right outside of Nashville uh, who, who is, who the last time I heard was in the Bronx, was pastor in the Bronx uh, and he came back with that we stayed in the wilderness a day too long. All right, you know, it just, it just, it was all just so right, you know, and uh, and you could feel the excitement of it, you know. And it made me, it made uh, many of us who were seminarians, I think, understand the history of the Acts because here was- where, why would the disciples sing in prison? What did they sing? Did they have any songs? They made them up, the same as we were doing. Uh, uh, uh, they didn't have music for them, you know? They, nobody had written a sheet and put the notes on for them, there were no Gregorian chants uh, and uh, and uh, and nobody, and nobody had uh, and nobody had written "Amazing Grace" either, all right? And uh, who was it that said "How could they have made up songs?" Ray Charles wasn't there, see, and that was it, you know, I mean, but there was the spirit of, huh, and that creativity, that sense of life.