Interview with Juanita Wade

So, still staying back then, as a lifelong Boston resident, how did you feel about what was going on in the city and in the community?


As a lifelong resident of Boston, the activities that were taking place in the, ah, '70s, the early '70s around the desegregation plan angered me. Um, I felt that Black parents, and my family in particular, were, um, being attacked, not just physically through the violence, but politically in that the city did not come to our defense around what was in our best interest as citizens of Boston. Um, the desegregation orders made it even more difficult for us to move around the city to go to work, to go to the movies, to go to social activities. Um, I was very angry and channeled that anger around organizing parents to, not fight the law, but demand that the law work the way it would serve interests as parents demanding quality education.


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