Interview with Juanita Wade

Do you think that the real issue was one of education or was it one of control and power?


Oh, I think control and power was the real issue, um, and remains the real issue today. Education is only one part of, ah, the social struggle that African Americans have to go through. While education is certainly at the core of a community being able to grow and survive, um, without political po- empowerment, um, you can't set policies on education. So again, I have to say that the struggle was on the wrong, um, was on the wrong focus. We should have put our energies, as, as parents did around community control, because community control of, of our educational institutions was not just a, um, an opportunity to control schools, but was an opportunity to have a real influential voice in this city. Um, city officials paid attention to what those parent organizations, who were organized around independent schools, said. We were setting the standards for education in these small independent systems.


I'm sorry, that's a roll-out.