Interview with Gov. George C. Wallace


Gov. George C. Wallace:

I don't think they had to lose anything, they have always been there's a reason the country they did not like strong national simple government's taking us over and swallowing us up and becoming our master instead of our servant. That was what they thought we were losing, they didn't, the segregation issue, was one of those things that was latched upon as the usurpation of authority, but we were going to do it ourselves, but they wanted to do it themselves, and today isn't that what everybody says, they run for congress in Pennsylvania and New York, California, I'm for more rights for California, not the federal government taking over and writing all the guidelines, that's what everybody says now and what Reagan got elected by one of the biggest votes anybody ever elected by saying those very same things I said way back yonder when I ran for the Presidency myself, and when I got shot.