Interview with Wyatt Tee Walker

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Wyatt Tee Walker:

The weakness of Albany was that there was some internecine warfare, so to speak, or organizational jealousies which were understandable. But because Dr. King did not have veto power in the situation it got out of hand. The other weakness had to do with, I guess an understandable error in judgment that the Albany Movement made in attacking anything that was segregated. It diluted our strength and, we could not, for the earlier weakness, deliver any sense of victory or reconciliation to the people of the Albany Movement, and they just got tuckered out, so to speak. But it was a…in my judgment, even though the late Lou Lomax, his assessment from nine hundred miles away that it was an utter failure—I think it was one of the most significant movements in the whole development of non-violent struggle in the South and in the nation.**