Interview with Mike Wallace

Cite some of these incidents. You seemed to have some sort of a personal relationship with him. Tell me your impression of Malcolm X as a man.


Malcolm was on a voyage of discovery. Discovery of himself, discovery of the White man. He was not, he was not tied to an understanding of the White man, not tied by the Black Muslims, willing to understand that he was wrong about some Whites. I liked Malcolm, I liked his strength, I liked his humor, I liked his openness. And I admired, I must say, uh, his determination, his ambition to be a Black leader. He was, he was in search of a group. Ah, he wanted to be a leader. He knew that there was Roy Wilkins and the NAACP, he knew there was Martin Luther King. He knew there were various other Black leaders, and he was trying to find his place in that constellation. And his O.A.U. was his effort, as I understood it, to try to do that.