Interview with Mike Wallace

I'm just sorta of curious if there's any other thing that you'd like to tell me about Malcolm? You've had a number of contacts with him, is there any particular moment that stands out, that, um--


No, there isn't. No there really, really isn't. As I say we weren't--the moment that stands out, was when he came to my office and told me, "Look I'm going to tell this tale about Elijah Muhammad." A man for whom I had--he had this admiration, he, he was the leader. And he was going to tell the tale, that he said had been told him by Elijah Muhammad's son Wallace. That Elijah was a lecher who had impregnated several of his secretaries. He knew he was going to put himself in danger when he told that tale. He told it publicly, he told that to me in my office. And it was only two, three months before he was gunned down.


Lets' stop down one more time, we may be at the end of it, Carol are there any--