Interview with Mike Wallace

So was there any angry response?


There was, there was angry response following the hour that we put on, on Channel 13 that night of "The Hate That Hate Produced," we had a group of Jackie Robinson, Roy Wilkins, Gardner Taylor, Arnold Forester from the Anti-Defamation League, and a woman, a Black woman, Anna Hedgeman. A couple of them, especially Roy Wilkins, Jackie Robinson to some degree, suggested that we had overstated about the Black Muslims, that, that they weren't as important as we had made them by devoting this hour to the subject. It took, of White journalism, only a couple of three months to do much more than we had done very shortly thereafter. And some of the people on the panel wrote eventually to the _The New York Times_, which had in effect downgraded The, uh, "The Hate That Hate Produced" some of the people who took part in that panel, wrote to _The Times_ chiding them for having not paid enough attention and taken the broadcast seriously enough.