Interview with Hollis Watkins



CAN I ASK YOU A QUESTION [unintelligible]

Hollis Watkins:

Many times we've, we've talked about reprisals, not really explained or understood what reprisals really mean. But I think people should understand their reprisals could lead to beatings, jailings and even death depending on how they were carried out. For example, I was down in Abemit county, the same county that Herb Delee was killed in being chased one night by Klans on a back road. That was a reprisal, had they caught me in the car that night then that reprisal could have led to death. When the people in Holmes county firebombed Hartwins Turnbull's house and waited to shoot at him when he came out that could have lead to death. In Forest county when people threw fire into Vernon Daimler's house that did lead to death. So at any point at any time any reprisal could lead to jailings, beatings, or even death.