Interview with Philip Watkins

OK, and what did they want to do with that control, the inmates, that they had?


Well the more control they, they got the more demands they made. I think one of the, ah, bad parts about the negotiations were is, Commissioner Oswald come in and he'd, he'd give them, ten, ten of the points they wanted right off the bat but he didn't get anything in return. I feel, you know, negotiations, you negotiate something or you give them something and the inmates give up something. It seemed like he'd give up, give up 10, 12 points and, OK the inmates didn't have to give up anything. Maybe if, when he give up 10 points, let 10 hostages go. But he didn't do this. He just, I don't know, maybe he felt by the more they give him, the more they'd soften. But it seemed to me like the more he give them the harder they got.