Interview with Philip Watkins

You're arm has just been broken and you've been taken in by a couple of these inmates, tell me what happened.


OK, a couple in--an inmate, I got my arm broken, and then they took me over into a quiet area in the yard and a couple friendly inmates come over and, and brought some, ah, after a period of time, maybe ten, fifteen minutes, some inmates brought me over some inmate clothing, and, ah, took my uniform off so I wouldn't be recognized by the militant inmates. Ah, they thought at the time that they could get me out of the yard and get me out of the, maybe out to the part of the institution where I would be most secure. At that time the yard was quiet because the inmates that were taking over the institution come out and just, there was three COs out in the yard at the time. They, ah, they hurt them or put them out of commission and there was no more COs out in the yard that could do anything. But, ah, the yard was quiet so I decided to stay there. I didn't want to go back in the corridor or in the, or in the cell block to try to get out because that's where they were, was, there was a lot of commotion and trouble in there.