Interview with Sheyann Webb


Sheyann Webb:

To me it was fun, simply because uh, I enjoyed with the rest of my family the best that we had, you know, with what we had to enjoy. We were very poor, uh, we didn't have much money, we didn't didn't uh, have as many opportunities that we liked to have had, uh, but I enjoyed my life. I don't think I would rather come up in any differently, you know because, it's it's a certain feeling that you get it's a certain, uh, way of life uh, uh, enhancement with personality was coming up poor the way that myself and Rachel and some others had come up in a very poor community with something so historic coming a part of our life. And I was seeing the difference. You know, and, and that's something that's very unique, like right now I travel in different communities and work with children who remind me a lot when I was a kid, uh, but the only thing that their missing is that great historic moment and opportunity that we had the opportunity to encounter with and we had the opportunity to meet the great leader of that movement. You know, and there are some things, that an individual could experience that will have a bearing all their lives for the rest of their lives. And it could, it could mold your life in such a special way that nobody else could understand. And I think that, that movement speaks well for me. And I'd say one of the uh, the negative uh, most, unexciting part about it is that I see young people my age and, and younger who are still not aware. One of the uh, the uh, negative uh, most unexciting part about it is that I see young people my age and, and younger who still not aware of that great movement, and some who, who really not aware of Dr. King. And that's what my mission is to try to go and, and tell people about our story because you know, it's just something that has to be told in the eyes of young people as well as you know. And looking forward to telling my kids, letting them know, you know, because it was just something that that's hard to explain in a lot of ways—just an experience.