Interview with Kevin White

Okay, now, give us a sense, people have described the Boston School Committee as, "It's too political" and as a preserve for Irish patronage. Um, could you describe, uh, give us the flavor for politics in Boston.


Well, politics in Boston is, is, is a full-time occupation. It's why Boston and Massachusetts has invariably produced, if I can say with some pride, so many good politicians at a national level. It's a full-time business. And, and, and therefore it produces the very best, and sometimes the very worst, uh, there's such a preoccupation with it. So, uh, uh, the School Committee was for a long time the only statewide--I'm sorry, the only citywide position for which a politician could launch a career to the mayor's job, and therefore political aspirants for higher office sought that office as a large part of fulfilling their political ambitions. And hopefully, in that process, depending upon the quality of the people elected, they got people who understood the education problem, but that was usually secondary, as far as the people who, who served on the School Committee. My father served on the School Committee for 23 years. Ah, it was his ambition to move on. He did not. Ah, uh, so I'm intimately k--go ahead.