Interview with Tom Wicker

OK, Tom. Let me just see if you can take us back to where you were and what you were doing when you got that call about coming to Attica.


Well I was living and working in Washington in those days. Washington bureau of the Times. And I had been to, I was aware of the Attica Revolt because I'd seen a story on the front page of the Times that morning. But I didn't really pay much attention. And I had been to a kind of a plush luncheon of a small group that I had frequently lunched with at that time. In the office of the National Geographic Magazine. And so while I was there, I was called away to the telephone and told that there was a message asking me if I would come to Attica. I didn't know much of what that was all about. It was a sharp contrast of course to the surrounding that I was in. So I went back to my office on K Street in Washington at that time and got more information about it and left that afternoon. Went to Attica. I didn't even go home to change my shirt or anything because I was under the impression I'd just go up there for a few hours and come back. I didn't realize it was going to be a long weekend.