Interview with Albert Wilson

If you can begin by talking about going into the five and dime, the sense of carnival and of not knowing what danger your in.


Well, ah, going into the five and ten cents store, we didn't know what danger we were in..** It was just like a carnival. It was, we didn't see the actual danger that we were in, although it was right there staring us in our face. Anytime you see a law enforcement agent, ah, officer standing around with guns or on roof tops and you don't, ah, acknowledge this, you can't be aware of it. It was a big party as I said. And when I went into that store, ah, that, that was, just why I went in there was beyond me. And when I went in there, it, ah, I had no sense of the danger that I was in. I wasn't scared. I was not, I didn't become fearful of it until I was asked by the, ah, law officer that I saw, he told all of us, "All you motherfuckers, Black motherfuckers, come out from back there." And, ah, I was the only one who stood up. I was asked not to by the neighbors. I saw them, my neighbors very clearly, who told me not to go out and not to stand up. And I remember telling them, "I'm going out." And at that point, I stood up to go towards the door. I did go to the door, to the archway of the door and I saw the gentleman standing there, with the gun, pointed towards me and, ah, I remember turning around to go back where my neighbors were because they told me to stay there. I knew that there was no other way out of there because they had looked and all of the back doors were barred and so I guess that were kind of penned in. We were penned in there actually. Ah, after, ah, being asked to come out, I just turned around and went back and lay down against some bolt-end rolls of carpeting, at which time I guess I had been shot at that time. From what I've heard, I, that's, I had been shot then. But I didn't know it, ah. So the sense of fear never, never got, never sank in. It never was there. It was, it was a big party. Ah, it had a lot of colors, ah, a lot of different noises that we'd never heard before. Ah, people that you'd never seen, ah.