Interview with Albert Wilson

Did you get a sense that there was a carnival or what?


It was, yes it was kind of like a carnival, a parade, a party, a, because everybody that was there was laughing, because they had a smile on their face. No one was crying or worried. But if you saw me running down the street, you saw me running with a smile on my face. Now running for what and to what, I saw people running from stores with televisions but with a smile on their face. Everybody was happy. That's about it. Everybody was happy, that day. As it progressed on into the evening hours that happiness kind of turned into sadness though, the fires started to break out, homes began to burn, began to burn and fires began to catch from my house to my neighbors house. Paint factory went up. And, ah, the explosions were heard. Finally, ah, state troopers moved in with the tanks, the bayonets, the rifles. Ah, I, at first, at that time I first, I first witnessed, ah, someone being killed, ah, with a bayonet, actually being stabbed, my neighbor, actually being stabbed, coming home from a party, Saturday night, Sunday morning, coming home. And he was a drinker and he was drunk and he was disorderly and he refused to listen and, ah, he was, ah, attacked with a bayonet by one of the law enforcement officers.