Interview with Geraldine Williams

Who was the, what, what people made up the, the Stokes campaign in '67? Where, where was the support coming from?


Well in '67 it came from all over. Came from labor. Since Carl had demonstrated that he could win, uh, it came from labor. It came from, uh, White elected officials, Black elected officials. Oh, oh, and it also came from all over the country. We, we sent out, uh, uh, letters and flyers and things to other politicians in other cities and so forth and so on. And we got a lot of money in for the '67 campaign from people all over the United States. Since this was really something different, something new, something momentous I guess they wanted to get in on the action and then, we were all idealistic. We appealed to all the people that had ideals that politics could really be better. So they sent us money.