Interview with Roger Wilkins

Can you tell me about your version of how healthy that anger was, that White America had been saying, "You should be grateful," and Malcolm was saying, "You should be angry," and how that was a good thing?


Well, Malcolm was a brilliant man. And what he understood was that for years White America had turned Black people's hatred in on themselves. And that it had turned pathological both in terms of self-detructive behavior, individual self-destructive behavior, and collective self-destructive behavior. What Malcolm did was he liberated the anger, and he let it turn outwards, where it belonged. So that, and it liberated a lot of people to do a lot of constructive things. Now it made a lot of people go around and call people honkies, but that's better, to call someone a honky is better than, than shooting heroine into your veins. So, Malcolm was a great liberator of, of, Black thought and Black spirit.