Interview with Harris Wofford


Harris Wofford:

Yeah. Right. Ah, you know, with Kennedy you got this extraordinary meeting of public power and the popular protest. And… and the results in terms of what had been tbe state when it all began were… were just enormous, and it's because we… we can always look ahead and see the problems that weren't met, we may forget that when the civil rights movement began, when King came on the stage, which was not the beginning of civil rights, the… the one-third of our country didn't really have a democracy. People weren't voting and there was segregation in all parts of public life. Ten years later that civil rights cause, round one, if you want, or round two or three, but that great battle, that was won. Many things were still to be done, maybe even more difficult things. But the right to vote was established. Public segregation was ended, throughout a third of our country.