Interview with Sonny Wright

So who compelled you to stay in Miami?


Well, actually I, I got stuck here. I, I came down with the idea of passing through. I really wasn't, my destination was Cuba. I worked in the post office when I was in New York. As a kid I worked there. And this was a vacation for me. I had heard a lot of stories about Cuba and finally I decided that if the opportunity presented itself, I wanted to go. So I was passing through Miami. In fact, I passed through Miami, went to Cuba, came back from Cuba broke, basically as I planned because I worked in the post office and they were supposed to send my two weeks check. And I was going to go and pick it up in this post office box that I'd already previously you know, provided for. And then true to form, I opened the post-office box, no check. Typical post-office kind of a deal. So I was really disappointed, not receiving a check but I knew I had one coming. So I said, well, you know, I made a few arrangements. But bottom line is that I stayed around here doing odd jobs and things because I was going to, I was scheduled to go into the armed forces. And I felt that since I was down here I might as well just be inducted in Miami as opposed to going back to New York. And a few things happened and I found myself really involved. After not, going in the army I met people and was convinced that maybe I should go into a business. And I opened up a little small restaurant. And after working at odd jobs and doing various things. And so you know, one thing led to another and before you know it, it's thirty years and here I am. You know. Miami. My home town.