Interview with Paul N. Ylvisaker

OK, now--


There are countless people that I met during that period of time who inspired me and kept me going. One particular that I remember was a guy named Bob Curvin, who had headed CORE. After the riots we each headed negotiating teams, he for the Black community, and I for the state, and we dealt, these were protracted negotiations, at one, point my colleagues, unbeknownst to me, were lying in the position they took in the negotiations. Bob caught on immediately, and the whole party got up to walk out, and I called across to Bob and I said, "Bob, can we talk?" And we went off into a corner, man to man, and I said, "Bob, I didn't know. You were lied to. I can understand your anger, but this is too important, and can we continue?" And Bob and his group came back to the table to a very successful negotiation, and he and I have remained lifelong friends since. I'd go to the wall for him, and I know he would for me as well.