Interview with Paul N. Ylvisaker

What's it like to sit in a room with people that you thought you knew and have them call you a honky mother?


After, at first it was pretty forbidding, and I had to deal up front with a number of riotous situations, including in one case having to stop some tanks from going into a Black neighborhood. But on many occasions, the Black community would come down and protest, and I can remember there was a kind of a chilling feeling of, "Oh my God, is this going to turn into violence? Am I going to survive today?" The, the shades that they wore, the 'fros that they wore were all kind of forbidding. But then you began to deal with them as, as individuals and human beings, and I found it very easy to cross the line. Once we'd gained confidence of each other, we could get through most of the nonsense in a, in a great hurry.