Interview with Paul N. Ylvisaker

Paul, what do you think will happen between Black and White Americans?


It depends on class structure. Of, that, that between Black and White America at the class that you and I represent, I think it's going to be fairly easy given all the problems that still remain of discrimination and prejudice, but it is, that's going to be the easier part. The harder part is to be able to start working across the line of what Wilson calls "the truly disadvantaged" where we don't have the affluence that we have so we can't buy our way out of this, we've got enough understanding now that we know that structural things are going to have to change, and I'm looking for the leadership on both sides of the line who can confront that situation rather than continuing to ignore it. And that, in that sector, it's going to be, I think, we're going to go through a lot worse problems up ahead before it gets better.


OK. Cut.

Fifteen feet? Not bad.