Interview with Andrew Young


She said that, you know, ask Dr. King to lead a group of poor people from Mississippi to Washington just to try to explain the plight of the poor, a growing number in America, to the President. Now, we knew, then, that we were in the midst of an election, and we knew that Congress was all but adjourned, and we didn't have any hope of success, but we felt that the bonus marches by the army in the late twirt--late '20s and '30s, and early '30s, paved the way for the New Deal, and that maybe it was necessary for us to go to Washington to establish an agenda for the next President of the United States. And of course, at that time, we thought that Lyndon Johnson would be reelected or that he would be challenged by Gene McCarthy or Bobby Kennedy. And I think it was the Sunday just before Martin's speech or just after, it was just around the time of Martin's Vietnam speech that Lyndon Johnson decided not to run.