Interview with Andrew Young

Just one or two brief statements. I mean was one of the problems with the internal dissension on the Poor People's Campaign, that it was different people had their own agendas?


How, I think different people did have their own agendas, but it was different strategies to achieve the same end; but Martin usually could bring us together, but he always let us fight it out for ourselves for a long time. And the only time he really got mad with me was when I wouldn't disagree with everybody. He sort of expected me to be the conservative one. And, because a movement needed wild ideas and radical notions but it also needed to be pulled back into perspective to do something that was actually doable and obtainable. And I got tired of being the, you know, the, the reactionary, so I just said, "That's right, that' s right, that's exactly what we ought to do!" And he jumped up and got mad and said, "Andy if you don't express," he said, "if you don't, you know, end up giving the conservative view,you don't leave me any room to come down the middle."** So I had to always be so conservative, I mean the further anybody got out to the left I had to go to the right because he was always looking for that practical middle road that we could really unite Black and White people because he was always conscious of the fact that in America change required a majority, and Blacks were only 11%.