Interview with Andrew Young

Paul I think you want to focus your question much more closely to the FBI.


Did you all have a perception that the FBI was doing surveillance? And there's that wonderful story about Dr. Abernathy and his, his--


Well, we knew that every--We knew that everything we were doing during this period was being monitored. We weren't always sure who**, but Ralph one time found a little microphone up under the pulpit. And instead of throwing it away, he took it out and put it on top of the pulpit. And he'd preach to it, and he'd say "Little doohickey, I don't know whether your playing in J. Edgar Hoover's office, or Lyndon Johnson's office, or you may be in George Wallace's office, but ain't going to let nobody turn us around." And the church would just go up in, in cheers. We were not afraid and we were not threatened by it, but we knew that we were, we were monitored constantly.