Interview with Andrew Young

Dr. King was out doing a non-stop, break-neck schedule at this point in time: Mississippi, Alabama, the North. How was he fairing up under this?


Well Martin had a constitution of a bull. I mean he could travel and preach all day, stay up and read half the night. You know, laugh and joke and clown with his friends, get three or four hours of sleep and be up early in the morning, all ready to go again. And it was almost as though in his constitution he understood he didn't have long to live, and so he was going to live each day to the fullest. In fact, that was one of his expressions that he preached about a lot, living each day to the fullest. "Tiny little minute, just sixty seconds in it. But eternity is in it." And we were, we were not concerned about the government because we had an undaunted faith in the justice of the system, and we believed that justice would prevail. We didn't mind going to jail, in fact we looked forward to the possibility of spending a year in jail, or more. And we knew that that's what was likely to be required if we went to Washington, challenging the Federal Government.