Interview with Andrew Young

In the midst of the break-neck schedule, there's an invitation to come to Memphis. How did the staff feel about it?


Well the staff was really disturbed that Martin would even consider going to Memphis. We had charted out fifteen cities that we were going to try to organize. We were trying to organize poor Whites, Hispanics, southern Blacks, northern Blacks, I mean, there was just a tremendous organizing job, and I didn't know how you could take on anything else. And he said, "Well, Jim Lawson has been around for so long, and here are garbage workers on strike. He just wants me to come in and make a speech and lead a march in the morning. And I'll be right back."** So I didn't even go to Memphis with him the first time. He left New York and went down to Memphis and we were supposed to meet in Washington that Monday night. Ah, well, it was that Monday that everything just, that all hell broke loose.


Stop the camera please, how are we doing in terms of--