Interview with Andrew Young

There was discussion about the role of White people on the march. Why was that an issue?


The role of White people on the march began to be discussed because the student movement, for a long time, had been heavily dominated by Whites. Our Whites tended to have more political experience, more money of their own, and, and generally took the leadership. And there was a decision in, on the part of some of the Blacks in SNCC that we don't just want to get people free, we want to develop indigenous Black leadership, and one of the ways to force the development of indigenous Black leadership is to get rid of all of this paternalism. Now they were paternalists themselves in many ways because we were outsiders just as Whites were, and that's the reason SCLC never went along with that. We felt, "Yes, we have to develop local leadership, but you don't want to blame the frustrations of local leadership development on Whites alone." We were also partially responsible for usurping some of the leadership.