Interview with Andrew Young

One source says that you were so angry that night that you felt like torching the state trooper cars. Can you tell us about that?


No, I don't think that I got quite that angry. I, I said, actually what happened was Willie Ricks who now calls himself Brother Africa, was going around talking about talkin--torching cars. And I grabbed, he was up on top of a car and I grabbed him and pulled him down and I said, "Don't be foolish. You lead these people into these state troopers and you're just going to get us all killed." And I said to him, "If you had as many machine guns as they had, then violence might make sense, but they've got machine guns and you're going to go throw bricks and bottles. That's not violence, that's stupidity." You know, and, but I was angry, but I wasn't so angry that I was ready to be suicidal. And, but I, I later found and I, I guess I even knew then that I was also angry at myself for losing control in that situation. But it, it, once I saw Willie Ricks beginning to take, you know, I mean, once his anger began to endanger the lives of other people, I came to my senses pretty quick.