Interview with Andrew Young

Going to Chicago, how did you see Mayor Daley?


Well we didn't see Mayor Daley as an enemy. Mayor Daley hel--had held one of the biggest, most successful benefits that SCLC had ever had at the time of Birmingham. Mayor Daley and Mahalia Jackson put it together together, and they wouldn't let anybody charge expenses and they made every penny available to SCLC, so Martin was an admirer of Mayor Daley, and to some extent a defender of Mayor Daley as a man who knew how to run a city. He didn't agree with him, but he had a tremendous amount of respect for him. Also, Mayor Daley's police and Mayor Daley defended us against mobs in Cicero and Gage Park, and I mean some of the most violent mobs we'd ever faced, we faced in Chicago. One of the stories that Martin used to tell was of a, as we were lined up waiting to get started, this crowd came by and there was this very attractive White girl who came with just tears in her eyes, she was so enraged. And Martin looked at her and said, "Sweetheart, you so beautiful, you shouldn't be filled with that kind of hatred." You know, and it just took her, I mean it, it just took her off guard. And then we marched, we went on through the march and she came back toward the end of the march afterwards, and she came up to him and she was smiling, then she said, "You remember me?" He said, "Yeah I remember you." She said, he said, "you're the one that I said was too pretty to hate." And she smiled and walked away, hm hmm.