Interview with Andrew Young

Thinking about the national reaction to the Riverside speech. What did you think was going to be the reaction, and what was the reaction?


Well, Martin gave a brilliant rationale for his position on war in Vietnam. And as a Nobel Prize Winner, we expected people to take it seriously, and not to agree with it, but to disagree with certain specifics, and, but at least to discuss it as an intelligent position that deserved at least an intelligent answer. We didn't get that. We got, instead, an emotional outburst attacking his right to have an opinion, quarreling with his attempt to involve himself in foreign policy, and that, it was almost, "Nigger, you oughta stay in your place"**, "and your place is acceptable if you're, you know, dealing with racial segregation. But when you began to talk about foreign policy, you don't have any rights." And Martin quarreled with that, I mean, he didn't accept that.