Interview with Andrew Young

What was he doing? I mean how, how he was managing the situation?


Well, Mayor Daley was trying to keep together a political machine, we were trying to break up a political machine. We were trying to get more registered voters, he saw too many registered voters as being more than he could control. He wanted to control and count his vote. He saw the movement as a direct threat to his machine, and we saw the machine as the basis of the slums, of the poverty, of the exploitation of Black folk. At the same time I think Martin agreed with Ralph Metcalfe that for Black people coming up from Mississippi and Alabama in the Second World War, the political machine had been a very helpful vehicle, and under Congressman Dawson, the organization of Blacks in Chicago politics was probably the best in the world. The machine had served the Black community well but it's days were over, and we were there to announce that. But Daley wasn't ready to turn loose