Interview with Quentin Young

OK, just, in that one last question, what, what was it that Fred, and the others, were able to bring together?


Well, one can stress, as I have, the, his enormous attractiveness as a human being, his great communication skills and so on. But, the message obviously was what was most important. And this message, even those times of great ferment and great pronunciamentos, was special. We were moving of, of Black Nationalism, of separatism, which I think everybody understood. And the Panthers I think to most people, friend and foe, were thought of as a part of that. But that was not, that was not what Fred Hampton talked about. He was very much a person who went beyond bounds of, of, of mere racial unity and advance of the race. He, he spoke consciously and explicitly in terms of across the racial barriers, and indeed to put it in the old terms, in terms of the human race. And that was a very exciting vision because, mid-sixties, no one knew where things were going to go at all, but people knew that there was a--


Doctor West to Doctor Young, please, for Michael, it's an emergency, line one.


That's a big one the--