Interview with Quentin Young

OK, one last time.


The same thing? Yeah? OK, the, the thing about Fred's message was extraordinary for those times. It was a time when the movement was moving in the direction of Black separatism and emphasis on the Black pride, Black unity, and things I think everyone of us understood and, and could deal with. His message went beyond that, and it was explicit and not veiled, explicit. Cross-race unity. And to deal with things in terms of a, of a, of a movement that could work together. He emphatically appealed for White participation and support in the numerous projects that he and his colleagues were putting together. And that was extraordinary because, in that sense, it was counter-current. It was visionary and clearly found a place in, in what he was trying to do in terms of organize and elevate the most explicitly down-trodden sectors of our society. He was asking all people to participate in that effort. And that was a very, very attractive appeal.


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