Interview with Quentin Young

What, what was that appeal? Where did the, what, what was the appeal to someone like you to work with them?


Well, I was a perfect frame of mind for it. The idea that people would work for the, their own solution of their own problems. Recruiting, of course poured from elements that could help whether it was professional time, or, or liberating, in the best sense, equipment and, and supplies, drugs, medicines for the clinic. That to me was a very sound way to go in that particular period. And certainly the community they picked was about as down-trodden as you can get in America. It was the very center of the West Side ghetto, which is extremely depressed. Very high joblessness, a very high dependency of, on welfare, all of the attendant problems. So they were going to no easy touch, and they wanted to do it just that way.