Interview with Quentin Young

How was it that Fred appealed to you to come and work in the clinics and help get them going? What was it about him?


Well, it was, Fred was an enormously appealing human being. It's really hard to put to words without sounding maudlin or romantic. And, I, in the long life, have met a lot of people, many of whom are outstanding in their expression, their political understanding, and their leadership qualities. I'm almost certain I've never met anybody who exceeds him and probably few who equaled him. And I've had the privilege of knowing Martin Luther King, knowing major leaders of the Civil Rights Movements and other movements. So what I'm saying is, based on a serious comparison, and the most striking thing about him, was that he was youthful. Not in his manner. He was a young man, and couldn't conceal his youthful vigor. He had a beard, and, and the style, and so he didn't look overly callow. And that's hardly the point. The point is that he was so young to have so many skills. And his skills were enormous. He had enormous communications skills. He was a very impressive person, I'm tempted to say charming, if I wouldn't be misunderstood. He won you over. It wasn't--