Free Negro Bond for Bond
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Know all Men by These Presents, that we,
Eliza Bond as principal, and Daniel
Loyd + John Collins as securities are
held and firmly bound unto the State of
MifsouriMissouri in the just and full sum of
four hundred dollars that is to say the
said Eliza Bond in the sum of two hundred
dollars and the said Loyd & Collins in
the sum of two hundred dollars, for
the true [ jugment ] of which said sum
of many we but ourselves our and
each of our heirs executioners, and adminis
trators and afsignsassigns jointly and severally
firmly by these presents. In interefsinteress whereof
we have hereunto set our hands and
seals this the first day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty three.

The condition of the above obligation is such, that wherever the said
Eliza Bond has this day obtained from the
County Court of St. Louis County a License
to remain in the state as a free person
of color under the [ provifsionsprovissions ] of an act of
the General AfsemblyAssembly of the State of Mifs-Miss
ouri approved the twenty third day of February AD 1843. Entitled "an act more effectually
to prevent free persons of color from entering into
this state and for other purposes" Now if the
said Eliza Bond shall be of good behavior during
the continuance of said leave then the above oblig-
ation to be void else to remain in full force

Eliza her X mark Bond


Daniel Loyd


John Collins

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Eliza Bond
To Bond

[ Sight ] Mulatta complexion 5 feet 9 inches

Filed May 1st 1843
Julius De Mun Clerk
By Henry J. WiseDepty.