Free Negro Bond for Julia Ann
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County of St. Louis, SS.
The State of Missouri,

To all who shall see these presents-Greeting:
Know Ye that Julia Ann, alias [aboveJane Bates]agedTwenty eight
years, five feet1 1/2 inches high, bright mulatto,
some freckles on face, scar on the right side of
the forehead.________
and by occupation a Washer Woman
having on the Twentieth day of May in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and fortysixtyone produced satisfactory
evidence before the [aboveBoard of] County Court[abovecommissioners] of said county, that she is of the class of
free negroes and mulattoes who are authorized by law to be licensed by said
Court[aboveBoard], to reside within the State of Missouri; that she is of good charac=
ter and behavior, and capable of supporting herself by lawful employment;
and having also obtained from said Court[aboveBoard] an order for a license to reside
within the State aforesaid: These are, therefore, to license and authorize the
said Julia Ann, alias Jane Bates to reside within the State
aforesaid, so long as he shall be of good behavior and no longer

In Testimony Whereof, I, Lewis F. Lacy,[aboveSamuel W. Eager, Secretary of the Board]
Clerk of the [aboveBoard of]County Court[aboveCommissioners] of said County, have here-
unto set my hand and affixed the seat of said Court[aboveBoard], at
the City of St. Louis, this twentieth
day of May in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and fortysixty one.Clerk

Saml W Eager Jr, Secretary

State of Missouri,
County of St. Louis

SS. for John F. Humphreys.
I, Lewis F. Lacy, Clerk[aboveSaml W Eager, Secretary] of the [aboveBoard of] County Court[aboveCommissioners] within and for the
County aforesaid, do hereby certify that I have this day duly registered the
foregoing license, according to law.

Given under my hand and the seal of said [aboveBoard of] County Court and the City
of St. Louis this twentieth day of May in the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and forty sixty one.

Saml W Eager Jr Secretary
for John F. Humphreys +c