Free Negro Bond for Bond
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Know all men by these presents that we
Ned Padfield a free negro as principal and Charles Boswell
as security - both of St. Louis MifsouriMissouri
are held and firmly bound unto the said
State of MifsouriMissouri in the sum of four
hundred dollars- said principal in two-
hundred himself and said security in
the sum of two hundred dollars_is the
payment of which sum well and truly
to be made, we bind ourselves our
heirs- executors, and administrators firmly
by these presents -

The condition of the above obligation is
such, what whereas_I and Ned Ned Padfield
has applied to the St. Louis County Court
for a License under an act of the State
of MifsouriMissouri approved February 23 1843
entitled an act more efectually to pre
-vent free persons of color from entering
into the state, and for other purposes
Now[ No ] if said Ned shall be of good" behavior during the tinuance of
said License_ then this obligation
shall be void_otherwise shall be
in full force and virtue

Witness our hands & seals this second day of May 1843_

Henry P. Wise

Ned her X mark Padfield


Charles Boswell