Free Negro Bond for Bond
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Know all men by these presents that we Ferdinand
a free man of color as principal, and W. G. Ray
__________ as security, are firmly held and bound
unto the State of MifsouriMissouri , in the final sum of two
hundred dollars Each upon condition neverthelefsnevertheless , that
whereas the said Ferdinand has this day obtained
a license from the County Court within and for
the County of St. Louis in the State of MifsouriMissouri , to
furnish him the said Ferdinand to remain in
the State of MifsouriMissouri ; now if the said Ferdinand
shall be of good behaviour, and conduct him=
self in and orderly and collect manner during
his stay in said State of MifsouriMissouri , then this ob=
ligation to be void, else of full force and virtue.

In testimony whereof, we have hereunto set our
hands and seals this fourth day of May eig= teen hundred and forty-three.

Done in presence of



Winthrop G. Ray