Free Negro Bond for Thomas
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Know all men by these presents that We
John Thomas, A free man of Colour, and Cunningham N.
Ferguson, All of the city, and County of St Louis, State
of Missouri, are held and firmly bound to the
State of Missouri in the sum of One Thousand dollars
$1000 00/100 to be levied upon our goods and chattels land
and turnments, and also for the full payment of which
sum of money we [ severly ] bind ourselves our heirs
executors, administrators, and assigns firmly
by these presents. Sealed with our seals and
dated the 4th day of May 1843___


The conditions of the above obligation is such that
whereas the above named John Thomas, has been a
resident citizen of the state of Missouri since
the summer of 1835_ in which state he has since that
time resided, and make his place of [ residince ] and
to procure a license to enable him to remain
in said state of Missouri, now if the said John
Thomas deports himself in a proper [ maner ]
[ acording ] to law, maintains and [ suports ] himself
so as not to become a charge upon the county
of St Louis, or any other County in said state
Missouri. And in all other matters behaves
himself peaceably, orderly, and honestly
then this obligation tobe made and
void otherwise to remain in full force
and virtue


QQ Purely

John his X mark Thomas


C R. Ferguson