Interview with Clay East
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Now, what else could these people do after they were evicted? What else could they do, and what did they do?


That's when they'd sit out on the road, side of the road. Wasn't a lot they could do. They's [sic] just out, and I couldn't tell what the most of them, most of them left there, set there and didn't know what to do. Never had been kicked off a place like that. Actually, don't know what the results of them being kicked off brought to them, only, they had no damn place to live, or nothing. They just kicked completely off, and up in Missouri there was hundreds of them just sitting out. They had a camp up there, and I didn't go to it, but they had hundreds of them out there in a group that had been taken off. A lot of people didn't know it, but insurance companies owned nearly all the land up in that, southeast Missouri. So, I don't know whatever happened to them, but it says in the papers and all the pictures of them, these groups and everything.