Interview with Clay East
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OK. Earlier, when we talked, we were talking about the first meeting. Now, I need for you to tell me again, and, I think I explained this earlier, this to you earlier, about how I can put one piece of it together with another piece. I need for you to tell me that the first meeting was held wherever it was held, I need for you to tell me that, "The first meeting was". Can you...?


Well, the first meeting was in a little one-room school building, and they called it Sunnyside School House, they called it Chigger Ridge, and they had about three different names for that little old building where we had that meeting. It was three miles south of Tyronza, right on the road, and black folks had been using it for a church meeting. It had been a schoolhouse until they consolidated the schools there, and they closed all those little schoolhouses like that, and put on buses. Run out of money, and they couldn't keep the buses on, so they took the buses off, and there wasn't but just a small percentage of the  [ gap: ;reason: unintelligible ]  people that had cars or so forth that could take the kids to school.