Interview with Clay East
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OK, Mr. East, now, you were going to tell me about how the government person came to claim the crop reduction.


Well, after this legislation was passed about the plow-up, the government had to send a man in there to explain to the farmers about what they were supposed to do, and so forth, the rules  [ gap: ;reason: unintelligible ]  . Well, they didn't have a meeting for the whites and a meeting for the blacks, they had all of them together. So, when the union thing came up, I didn't think there was any argument to it. In fact, there wasn't. We just didn't argue about it, but on account of that, we figured it, well, the only the thing we could do was to have an integrated meeting, and that was what I got up and told them. It didn't, the question, you might say, never came up, about that thing. I explained to them, we was all eating the same food and doing the same kind of work, and so forth, and that we should all meet together, it's the only way they could handle it.