Interview with Oscar Fendler
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Can you tell me how you think FDR did by the sharecroppers?


FDR and I, unfortunately never did get a chance to meet him. Even I didn't meet him when I was in Boston. I campaigned in Boston for Al Smith, against him when he was nominated, you know, at that time up there and made speeches. So I never did get to see FDR himself. His contribution to the welfare of the poor people in Arkansas, the sharecropper, the one that was starving and needy, was just maybe, from one to ten, possibly it'd register two.
** Two and a half. Very little effect for him. He really wasn't interested in them. He was interested in
** the, where the power was.
** The president was, he was, she was, he was a what do you call it? He was, wait, he was, he was a politician, one of the best we ever had.
** You know, real good politician.